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Our owner is involved in EVERY step of your installation, from the estimate to the job. Every installation gets custom duct work. We do not use sub-contractors. We invite you to compare the quality of our installations to others - there is a noticeable difference. We are proud to offer only the best quality equipment and parts. We stand behind every job that we do. We plan to be in business a long time and in order to do that our goal is to have happy and satisfied customers who call us back again and refer us to their friends and family.

Another thing that makes our company different is our friendly and fast service. We offer personalized attention to our customers and are responsive to our customers needs. We truly appreciate and value our customers.

What is the most important maintenance task for both heating and cooling systems?

The most important maintenance task for both heating and cooling systems is something you can do for yourself - replacing the air filter. It will probably need replacement two - three times during the heating season and, if you have air conditioning, one - two times during the cooling season. When there is a matting of dirt - when you can't easily see through the filter as you hold it up to light - it's time for a replacement.

A dirty filter makes your system work harder than it should, reducing performance and energy efficiency. A dirty filter also results in having dirt spread by your system throughout your home. An extremely dirty filter can be especially bad for A/C systems, since it can cause evaporator coils to freeze up and, possibly, result in compressor failure.

Another task that you can do yourself for either an A/C or Heat Pump is cleaning debris away from the outdoor unit. You should keep the grills of the unit free of grass clippings, leaves and other debris which can inhibit air flow.

Do we sell parts?

No, we do not sell parts or equipment over the counter.

What is done during an annual furnace maintenance?

Annual Furnace Maintenance Get ready for Winter by having your heating unit serviced. To keep your furnace running at optimal efficiency, have our technicians perform a comprehensive 13 point checkup.

1) Inspect Thermostat
2) Check Air Filters
3) Check & Clean Burners
4) Check Heat Exchanger
5) Check Vent Pipe & Duct Work
6) Check Air Flow
7) Check Safety Switches
8) Check Control Voltage
9) Check Elements & Wires
10) Check Furnace Operations
11) Check Inducer Motor & Housing
12) Check Gas Pressure
13) Oil & Inspect Blower Assembly

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